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Connectwise Sync/Connectivity Issues with agreements and adjustments

Sophos keeps adding new MTR skus in our Agreemetns even though we already have them in. We fixed these a few times aleady. It is VERY annoying and has caused losts of extra work and issues with billing. For no reason, parts will be zero'd out and then a new part is added with no cost. Then our billing is messed up. I was told there are issues with on premise ConnectWise and I need to post here.(Sophos knows about it) I just want this fixed and I cannot have these issues continue.  
Right now, the biggest problem I see if you keep adding a new MTR part over and over and no we are double billing.

As I understand you see errors in our Conenctwise but I do not see them in ours. Noone has reached out to me.


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