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Sync Errors | No Tenants Found


This looks like it's going to be an amazing integration! One thing I'm running into is that the plugin doesn't seem to want to sync with our Sophos Central. The Plugin logs show No Tenants Found. There is only one company/client on this account, i'm not sure if this is part of the problem perhaps? I work in IT for a single company (not MSP) and we use Automate to manage all of our locations. However, our Sophos is one single tenant/client/account. Would the API destination need to be adjusted for this? As the url seems to call for a Tenants page.

The API credentials work, and they show as connected in the settings page. I've recreated the credentials, removed and re added on the plugin. 

Any help is appreciated!


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  • Hi Sean, thanks for your inquiry.  At current the plugin is only supported for Partners managing tenants, not for Enterprise or direct customers.  Could you tell me what size organization you support in terms of endpoints?  I could add a backlog item to support your use case in the future.

  • Ah! Ok that makes sense. Yeah we would love if this would work for us. Really help clean up and manage all of our endpoints.

    We currently have approximately 1100+ endpoints in Sophos Central right now. 

    Thank you!

  • Hello,

    Is there any update on when or if this might be available for Enterprise clients? I feel like it would just be a chance in the api location? I'm probably wrong but i feel like that's the only thing that's erroring out at the moment, is it wants to pull tenants down, when it's just the 1. Any info is great, and thank you so much for your timely replies!

  • Hi Sean, we haven't yet decided to take this use case on.  At this time our primary user base remains partners by a wide margin.  It would be a relatively small change to support enterprises that have sub tenants, but end customers or enterprises with no sub tenants would be a considerable re-write.  In either case, the testing efforts on these additional cases is quite large as well.  For your case, do you have sub tenants under the Enterprise dashboard, or do you only interact with your endpoints via the Customer dashboard?

  • What is it going to take to make this work?  We didn't see this as an issue during our sales discussions with Sophos and are pretty disappointed we can't support our organization in this manner.  Any updates would be much appreciated!

  • Hi Emily, I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulties with the integration.  Could you just clarify for me if you are referring to the lack of support for Enterprise and direct Tenant access, or another issue?

    If it's related to Enterprise and direct tenant support, this application was never intended for that use as we didn't have any use cases from such customers at the time of design and build.  That being said, I can certainly add this as a request to my backlog for further revision.  However, I wouldn't be able to quote a delivery schedule at this time as this integration has just been released and we are allowing some time for this to penetrate into the user base and handle any issue that arise with current functionality, before we develop more features.

    If you are experiencing issues not related to support for Enterprise and direct Tenants, please do let me know what those issues are and I can suggest options to correct or set up a time for a remote session to triage further.