Hi Partners,

A new update is coming for the Sophos Central [WIN] component. Currently, the component requires that the products be filled in on the Site Variables with the correct command-line arguments for the products that you're wanting to install. This gets confusing for new partners as they're not familiar with the different components that make up Intercept X Advanced for example.

With the New Component pictured below, you will select the product name that matches the Sophos Central Product Name assigned to the Customer Monthly Account. It also includes the ability to add Central Device Encryption to the initial installation as well as bypass the Competitive Removal Tool and even turn off Quiet Install for troubleshooting.


**This will not update your current Sophos Central [WIN] Component***

Meaning that you will need to go back to the ComStore in Datto RMM to re-download the New Sophos Central [WIN] Component. And then re-setup the component for all customers.

This is due to the massive change in the variables for this component. Unfortunately, this is a Datto RMM Restriction. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you're using either of the other two Sophos Central Components for Prompt Product or No Competitive Removal, you will need to make the switch to the new Sophos Central [WIN] as the other will no longer be available from the Com Store and will no longer be updated.



Steve Weber

Global Solutions Engineer, MSP