With the latest Sophos Central release, we have updated a number of user experience issues related to our PSA integrations within Central Partner. 

See below for release details:

Connectwise Manage:

  • Improved experience to handle API credential changes
    • Changing an API credential will no longer reset the PSA sync requiring the integration to be reconfigured
  • Product naming improvements
    • We are no longer using cryptic internal names for our product catalogue.
      • [UPDATE] We have received some reports that some new product names exceed a 31 character limit in Quickbooks, which is causing issue with billing
        • Our teams have been made aware and are working on a fix
          • In the interim, manually changing the Product code within Connectwise Manage to be below 31 characters will allow the bill to be generated

Datto Autotask:

  • Fixed issue where daily usage was causing proration line items in the invoice
    • [UPDATE] This fix was rolled back due to issues with the integration in the production environment.  We are working on a fix for scale and will announce again when it is released.