The Sophos Central Monitor for macOS is now available for Datto RMM in the ComStore.

***macOS Install Component Coming Soon***


This monitor will determine if Sophos Central Endpoint is installed or not. If installed it will update the AV Product and Status for that workstation or laptop. It will create an alert for macOS devices missing Sophos Central Endpoint.

  • This monitor stopped working for us over the past 6 weeks. We now show 50 Macs in DattoRMM without Sophos Central Endpoint installed, yet in Sophos Central they all show that they are up to date, checking in, and healthy. There must be something that changed with a recent Sophos update that is causing the script to not register the computers as having it installed. Are there any planned updates to the monitor coming out soon to remedy this? 

  • Hi Michael - I'm aware of this issue and have Datto looking into it. They broke something with a recent update. It has been escalated to their dev team for review.


    Steve Weber

    Sophos, Global Solutions Engineer, MSP

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