v106, 5/26/22

  • Added tooltips for step modules and step properties with additional help text
  • Internal upgrades

v105, 5/6/22

  • Fixed some minor text overflow issues in the application UI
  • Internal upgrades
  • Fixed several CVEs

Runner Agent v1.107.4

  • Increased the wait timeout for stack creation in the AWS CloudFormation step module

v104, 4/15/22

  • Fixed an issue where multiline credential data fields were having leading and trailing whitespace trimmed, which could cause problems in some cases, e.g. with SSH key formats that require newlines at the end of the key file.
  • Internal upgrades

Runner Agent v1.107.2

  • Fixed an issue where the AWS CLI tool installer was installing an incorrect version when “latest” was selected.

v103, 4/11/22

  • Pipelines can now be referenced by “latest” revision in addition to a specific revision. This feature is available for jobs as well as pipeline includes.
  • Internal upgrades