Change Sophos Heartbeat-Userdomain?

Hi there,

we've client with Sophos Intercept X installed and figuring the Heartbeat-Feature within our Sophos XG 135 out.

My "problem" is, that our Windows Clients are recognized as "username@domain.tld", if i view the "Current activities" in the Sophos XG WebGUI.
We sync our users from Microsoft AD to the Sophos - with our internal domain name "username@intern.domain.local"; this Users has also attached a MFA and used to connect by SSLVPN.

Because of the heartbeat, the Sophos XG created ~120 new Sophos useraccounts with @domain.tld - i would like to merge or delete them, so that the reports and so on are correct.

Is it possible to change the Domainname, that Sophos Intercept X is sending to Sophos Central? If i could change that to @intern.domain.local, the existing users would be matched.

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  • You could change it around: You could add the .tld domain to the other AD server, then the old users with the local domain would be matched with the tld user.

    That could mean, the certificates of VPN etc. could be invalid. 


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