Change Sophos Heartbeat-Userdomain?

Hi there,

we've client with Sophos Intercept X installed and figuring the Heartbeat-Feature within our Sophos XG 135 out.

My "problem" is, that our Windows Clients are recognized as "username@domain.tld", if i view the "Current activities" in the Sophos XG WebGUI.
We sync our users from Microsoft AD to the Sophos - with our internal domain name "username@intern.domain.local"; this Users has also attached a MFA and used to connect by SSLVPN.

Because of the heartbeat, the Sophos XG created ~120 new Sophos useraccounts with @domain.tld - i would like to merge or delete them, so that the reports and so on are correct.

Is it possible to change the Domainname, that Sophos Intercept X is sending to Sophos Central? If i could change that to @intern.domain.local, the existing users would be matched.

Thanks in advance,


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