Central Shows firewall in firewalls, but not in licensing

Within Sophos Central, i can see my firewall in "Firewall Management - Firewalls," however it does not show under licensing, and trying to claim it when in the licensing interface, it says that I've already claimed the firewall.

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  • Essentially: Firewall Management is different from Firewall Licensing. 
    The firewall is currently claimed (after migration from MySophos to Central) to the Central Account, you see in the Firewall. Check Firewall - Licensing. You will see an Email + Account name. This data is from a Central Account. 
    Try to check, if you know the account, which is used and try to get access to this Email Address. Try to login/sign in to this Central Account - Then you can transfer the Firewall to your destination account. 

    If that fails, you can create a customer care case to figure this out. 


  • Hi  ,

    i have two XGS2300 in HA correctly listed in Sophos Central > Firewall Management > Firewall

    In Sophos Central > licensing > Firewall licenses i haven't firewall listed, "no claimed firewall to show" but if i try to claim one of the firewall it says "the firewall is already claimed"

    I confirm that in the firewall web interface the license is associated with an email address different from my account.

    This email address was not a central account until now. I just added this email address as a central admin account of our organization but if i enter in Sophos Central > Licensing > Firewall licenses i have the same problem: no firewall listed and "firewall already claimed" if i try to claim it

    This is because the email address was not a central account when Sophos migrated the firewall from MySophos to Central?

    I must then create a customer case for fix it?


  • You should have got an Email back in the day to register this Email address as a Central Account. It might be stuck or already invalid. 
    Your next step should be customer care account to get this fixed and moved to the right account.