Check MDR status of tenant / customer using API

Hi everyone,

Partner here. I am currently facing a challenge and would appreciate any insights or guidance you can provide.

Trying to figure out if a customer/tenant is using Sophos MDR just by using API calls, but hitting a wall. Any tricks or ideas that have worked for you? It should work with both, termed and monthly customers.

Thank you in advance for your time and support!



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  • Hey everyone,

    Just dropping a quick update. I've found a workaround that might be useful for those dealing with a similar situation.

    Here's the breakdown:

    I took the response from this API call:

    Went through it, checking if any computers have Sophos MDR installed based on their assignedProducts. Keep an eye out for the product called "mtr" in the assignedProducts list; it's not "mdr" due to its past, having been known as "mtr" before being renamed to mdr.

    It's not a perfect solution, and I won't label it as such, but until Sophos comes up with a suitable API endpoint, it gets the job done. If a customer does not have MDR, it won't show up in the assignedProducts list (as far as I cant tell...)

    Here's an example JSON object to look for in the assignedProducts list:

      "code": "mtr",
      "version": "2022.1.0.57",
      "status": "installed"

    If you have your own methods or suggestions, I'm all ears!

    Cheers, Ben