Suppressing alert about azure code signing

Hey there,

For the last few months, we have been getting lots of alerts that say the following:

"Device failed to update because it does not support Azure Code Signing. See knowledge base article"

As i understand it, sophos changed something and no longer supports older versions of windows 10. That's fine i guess, i can't stop you from breaking backwards compatibility, but we have no system centre or other way to update hundreds of windows 10 PCs enmasse, which might be running a few years old version of windows 10. Nor do i really want to, just because sophos is bitching about it.

My question, can i somehow suppress these warnings? or categorize them as LOW? I took a look in "alert settings" but the exclusion rule says  to configure from the alerts page, but i cant see any way to configure the level of alert it is from there. I can see the list of alerts, but cant see where i would categorize them as high, medium, or low.

If you know how to set items to be different levels of alert, let me know please!


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