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Allow access to uncategorised Wi-Fi network splash screen logons

We have an issue where if our users want to use a Hotel, Conference Centre, or Airport Lounge’s Wi-Fi they can’t because the Wi-Fi network’s internal logon splash screen is blocked as ‘Uncategorised’ by SOPHOS Central Web Protection and we don’t allow access to uncategorised websites. See screen shot below.

The cumbersome work around is to talk them through disabling the client tamper protection, going to the Wi-Fi splash screen, logging on to the Wi-Fi network, and then re-enabling client protection.

We don’t want to allow uncategorised sites.


We’ve raised this with SOPHOS support and they said there’s no other solution other than what we’re doing.

It’s hard to believe that an Enterprise grade security product doesn’t have some way to cater for this very common business requirement.


Has anyone else found a solution?



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