Using Sophos Central Groups

Is there any easy way to add a range of endpoints to a group?

If I go to Endpoint Protection/Computers and select a range of devices (like based on version of operation system or status) there is no option to add them to a group.

Where as in Groups there is very limited options to choose devices to add them.

All I want is to add a range of Win 7 devices with medium or bad status to a group.


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  • Thankyou Kushal, I'll look into using the API.

    I thought it would be easier to group endpoints in bulk depending on certain criteria more than it currently is, especially considering some users have thousands of devices, like we do.

    I don't know if I'm wanting to use groups in a way its not designed, but I would like to quickly select and group certain endpoints (depending on a number of different status) that I can then query with Live Discover, and keep a close check on all in one group or similar.