Indicate a reboot is needed on the Sophos Central Dashboard


      It would be very helpful not to have to select each computer to determine if a reboot is needed on the Sophos Central Dashboard.  Could a information icon be shown on the 'View and manage your computers' to indicate that a computer needs to be rebooted to finish updates?

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  • Hi John,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Sophos Community Forum. 

    If you wish to see a report of the devices which require a reboot, I suggest checking the "Events" report. You can also create a custom report from this page that only highlights these specific events. 

    From the "Logs and Reports" page, select "Events". Under "Checked items", expand out "Product updates" and select "Reboot recommended" and "Reboot required". 

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  • Thanks Kushal,

         That is not as useful as it might seem since it does not show those that actually need to be rebooted now, but all those that needed rebooting at some time.  There is no explicit indication in Sophos Central Dashboard that a computer has been rebooted to satisfy "Reboot to complete update; computer stays protected in the meantime".  Unlike the "Endpoint Agent" UI that ties these events together making it obvious.  In one multi-line event:

       DATE OF EVENT -----  The computer has been restarted

       DATE OF EVENT -----  Updates will complete when you restart. Meanwhile, your computer is still protected

         But your bringing up reports brings up an other request for the "Event Report" UI:

              Could the list of items listed under "Checked items are included in the event results" be alphabetical?

         Best Wishes