End points falling out of Sophos Central

Is anyone experiencing machines falling out of Sophos Central?  We have a large amount of PCs that are missing from Sophos Central.  The end points still have Sophos on them and it says that it is being protected, but Sophos Central has no record of the machine.  We had a DC that was missing in February,  remediated the situation and it has fallen off again.  

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  • How are you determining that the specific unit is not in Central? By its name? IP?
    The reason I ask is we have several things in Central that attempt to prevent/remove duplicate devices contacting us. So, if you install a machine but it has the same data as another machine (but a different hostname) those two elements can be determined as identical and removed (we use a UUID). We encounter this a lot with machines that have been crafted from a Gold Image that wasn't properly prepped for running our software.


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