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Migrate AP and APX from UTM to Sophos Central


I'm in the process of deploying an XGS2300 to replace our UTM. The UTM currently manages a number of AP and APX devices. We're ordering some new APXs to replace the APs once ithe XGS goes live.

The new APXs are held up due to the global supply chain conundrum. I won't get them in time. I was told by my sales rep that Sophos is dropping the licensing requirements to get the APs/APXs onto Sophos Central, which helps.

I cannot find any documentation/best-practice fiord how to migrate each Access Point to Central. Can someone (from Sophos or other) point me to a guide for how to do this?

I'm having very bad luck with our new APXs (three bricked/RMAs in a row) and want to be sure I don't brick any others. It's great Sophos is replacing them without balking, but I cannot afford to lose any more, even temporarily.



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