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migrar todos los datos del FW xg125 o 135 a central sophos


we have several FW configured and we are evaluating the management of central sophos, but we see that to carry out this integration, the integration does not have any difficulty, what we see is that once it is in the central, it can NOT be imported or host , neither policies, nor anything that we have configured in the FW. The thing is that once the FW is registered in the central, that configuration is for all the FWs that we put in that group, and from what I see I would have to register everything completely, so that it applies to the FWs that we add. . this is so? Is there any way to migrate the data from the FW to a central group? Thing that seems to me at this point, doing this would be a job of "monkeys", creating everything from scratch. Any solution?

Thank you.