Airplane WiFi Captive Portal on MacOS

We are using Sophos Central with client version 10.3.4 on M1 Chip MacBooks with MacOS 12.4.  GoGo WiFi will no longer bring up the Captive Portal page.  When booting into Safe Mode it works fine.  When looking at the streaming log in terminal there are many failed connections for Sophos trying to connect to Sophos Central.  My theory is that this traffic is causing the Captive Portal page not to open.  Has anyone found any resolution to this.  All normal things have been tried, like going directly to the Captive Portal Page, Going to, Removing the SSID from the known network list, etc.

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  • I can confirm that issue, it is not related to the WiFi itself I guess.

    3 weeks ago, I setup a WiFi for a small remote location in Central with Hotspot Type Voucher.

    The login page will show on Windows and android devices but none of the MacBooks was able to load the "log into network" website that is hosted on Central. The MacBooks had Sophos EP installed.

    We gave that up, kept the SSID in Central but disabled Hotspot in Central and configured the hotspot function on the local XGS Firewall.

    The SSID had bridge to VLAN setting, so the XGS was able to handle the clients in the VLAN with it's own voucher hotspot.

    All deviced could then load the login website.

    I had neither time or felt in the mood to debug that. Eventually it is related to something like automatic Secure DNS enabled by the MacBooks.

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