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Citrix MCS - Problems with not responding Servers / missing MasterImage

Dear Sophos-Community,

we have a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Environment with 6 non-persistent Terminalservers which are created via MCS.

We've followed the Steps in the Article .

We've created the Script and created a task, so this script runs everytime the machine is shutdown (like in the article).

This worked for the first time (Updated masterimage) but after the second time the terminalservers still appear in Sophos Central Dashboard but the last respond is a month ago. Also after the second time, the masterimage vanished from the sophos central dashboard completly.

The tamper-protection passwords that we can see in the Sophos Central Dashboard from the terminalservers, do not work for the terminalservers. Only the tamper-protection password that is written in the script works for both the terminalservers and the masterimage.

Do you have any suggestions? Right now its not critical because everythings working but I think that this can cause major issues.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello,

    Most of the issues with gold images is that the script fails on a task but the shut down proceeds so the image is not actually clean - this usually results in the machines all having the same name and reporting into the same object in Central. Which could explain part of what you are describing. However, other parts don't make sense. 

    How long do these vms persist before shutdown typically? Are they a highly volatile resource? 

    Are you able to get an SDU from one of the machines while it is running? That would be really helpful to see what is happening - specifically what ID its reporting into Central with and if there are any errors.


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