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Who at sophos had the bright idea to add an alert to EVERY Central account that has to be acknowledged one-by one? 

Does he or she think we don't have enough to do already other than clear alerts that aren't really alerts?

  • Hello James, Thank you for reaching us, With regards to this acknowledgment of alerts, this is designed to our Sophos central to ensure that any customers won't be acknowledging/allowing any potential threat that has been detected on any systems which are currently managed by our Central dashboard. We know that it’ll take time especially when there are multiple alerts on a single system that have been detected however Ensuring the safety of each device and your environment is the goal of this feature. For those alerts that you're seeing which isn’t really relevant to be called an alert, we may be able to do something about it like excluding them from your policy to avoid getting them in the future. 
    In addition, said changes have been described in this article, In parallel, we'll be checking this one with our internal team about the alert being generated by this change, 

    Glenn ArchieSeñas (GlennSen)
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