Red banner for unsupported OS in Central appearing every few minutes

Since the weekend I'm seeing regular red banners listing unsupported OS in Central. I do have a handful of these Win7, 2008 etc so expect to see these alerts when I login to Central first time each day. However, even though I dismiss these banners they now appear again every few minutes, I'm unable to dismiss them permanently for that session it seems!

Have tried Firefox & Edge but these banners keep appearing. Purged Cache but made no difference, the banners keep appearing every few minutes.

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  • Hi GlennSen,

    Thanks for your reply. I used to be able to dismiss these warnings once in a browser session and they would not return for the remainder of that session. Something has changed following the scheduled maintenance to Central this last weekend which is causing these red protection warnings to reappear every few minutes! This is not normal, can it be returned to previous behaviour please?