API: retrieve policy information from tenant

hello world,

i dont see in the documentation how to get, list, retrieve or export the "policys" one or multiple tenants has

i was reading that sophos was working on its roadmap for 2021, this will include functionality for policy retrieval and management across:

  • Endpoint enumeration
  • Application control
  • DLP
  • Windows Endpoint firewall management
  • Peripheral control
  • Threat protection
  • Update management
  • Web control
  • Server Lockdown
  • File integrity monitoring

Initial release will cover the ability to:

  • Retrieve all policies for a given Tenant
  • Retrieve a single policy for a given Tenant
  • Update policy order priority
  • Update an existing policy

BUT at 08.09.2021 a sophos product manager (Elias Collins) wrote that they have to pause the policy management API development

the tech leadership of my company was also in call with the sophos sales office and they told him that its likely not possible to do, but we were hoping that they are just not informed correctly

greetings from germany

sales office => sophos sales office
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