ALL browser downloads, in SB, now result in "failed: insufficient permissions"

SB v 5.3


After an apparent Windows 10 update, I can no longer download inside of SB but can do so outside of it.   I've cleaned out the SB, checked for updates, restarted my computer.  

  • Yes I'm on early updates for windows 10 and I got hit a week or so ago.

    I'm pissed that now my clients that I talked in to buying are now calle me and asking my why Sandboxie is failing

    SOPHOS has put me in the middle of his and I afraid I'm going to lose clients over this. ( source of income)

    I wish I had some type recourse for all these headaches, it seems that they don'e care about the Sandboxie users

    Sell it to someone that will make it work, don't make it open source, every hacker in the world will love that

    This is what I get for using their product.

    Bill e. Barrett

  • I wonder if Sophos considered using a pay only model before packing it in. I personally would have gone for it.

    Anyway, I'm glad I'm using Windows LTSC because Sandboxie (for now) is still working.

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