Community based support

Seth wrote:

"As part of our transition to a free and potentially open source product, Sandboxie support will become community based.  The community will include developers directly involved with Sandboxie."

What does mean Sandboxie support will become community based?

The community will include Sophos developers?

I would like to hear a more detailed explanation about this, please.

  • Sophos developers are still looking at solving problems like Windows 10 updates breaking the product and supporting changes to browsers and document apps. They will continue working on this in parallel to other responsibilities.

    We are still working on Open Sourcing the code but not every detail has been finalized, including how this will be supported. Sophos' role will likely diminish in the future once this happens.

  • Almost a month later after your reply and we still don't know:

     - What coders will be involved in the development

    - If old forum will come back

    - When source code will be released





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