SFOS 17.5 MR5 Released

Hi XG Community!

We've released SFOS v17.5.5 MR5 for the Sophos XG Firewall. Initially, the firmware will be available by manual download from your MySophos account. We then make the firmware available via auto-update to a number of customers, which will increase over time.

Please visit the following link for more information regarding the upgrade process: Sophos XG Firewall: How to upgrade the firmware.

What's New in XG Firewall v17.5 MR5

APX 120 support for XG Firewall

The APX 120 is a new entry-level, 2x2 MIMO access point. It comes with dual-radio technology and supports 802.11ac Wave 2 for much improved performance over the equivalent AP Series models. With 17.5 MR5, you would be able to manage APX 120 from XG Firewall.

Issues Resolved in SF 17.5 MR5

  • NC-42458 [Authentication] CAA error "Username already logged in too many times. Client will try again shortly"
  • NC-43413 [Authentication] access_server does not always react to service heartbeats
  • NC-43108 [Email] Unable to use a Russian search string in SMTP quarantine search
  • NC-40223 [Licensing] Unable to send license sync request after not receiving CSR response
  • NC-44226 [Wireless] MAC filtering cannot be configured for a SSID using API


To manually install the upgrade, you can download the firmware from the MySophos portal. Please refer to Sophos XG Firewall: How to upgrade the firmware.

  • Installed and running on a very simple implementation.   Will still not send backup by email.  Will still show error on "Sophos Connect Client" update.

  • Just now updated no issues so far .... Email  Backup with external  Email Server is working fine

  • since 17.5.3 (including this release) my firewall rules intermittently display with formatting errors. seems to not show images and whatnot (for example the folder icon for grouped rules). I've seen it on software and hardware appliances - is anyone else other than me getting this?

  • , I have the same problem on every appliance, when using Google Chrome latest version. Sophos supports claims that this is not their problem, and I should contact Google :=). In Firefox, everything is OK, so I'm using Firefox for now.

  • Thanks MiroslavCacija - that makes sense, I do use Chrome too! However I'm a little disappointed Sophos are stepping back away from the issue and pointing the finger at Google. As I say, 17.5.1 - not an issue with Chrome (then there was a strange 17.5.2 version that kinda of did and didn't get released) and then in 17.5.3 I had the issue. So if this helps anyone at Sophos resolve...

  • Hey Guys, Anybody else have the Problem, that the XG (in my case XG105 Rev 3) is not manageable through Sophos Central after Upgrade to MR5? Site opens but is just empty white after booting with new Firmware. XG itself seems to be back running after reboot fine, VPN connected, traffic working as usual. Any Hints really appreciated

  • Hi ,

    Apologies for this inconvenience, I've raised this issue with our team for follow up. Please PM me directly if you had any questions in the meantime.

  • Hi ,

    Would it be possible to please PM me directly with more information so we can troubleshoot your issue further? Thanks!

  • is anyone else having the DHCP issue too, whereas clients sometimes don't get their default gateway? As soon as you do ipconfig/renew it's back in action?

  • Just upgraded - Having issue, when rebooting HA kicks in then has "fault" and seems to lag and then network goes down.

    Physical reboot on crashed device, nothing happens stays in existing state.

    reboot of both XGs and then the network comes back.

  • Hi Ryan Partington, I had similar problems with HDCP in 17.5.4-1 and 17.5.5. It helped to disable "Use device's DNS settings" and setting DNS manually.

  • Unable to make XG Firewall to XG Firewall red tunnel work after upgrade. Rollback to 17.5.4 fix the issue

  • Updated my X105W this morning, everything went without a hitch, Sophos Central management not phased, everything working well.

  • STAS for thin client intermitten cannot authenticate at this version, I revert back to version SFOS 17.5.3 MR-3.

  • Hi , could you please describe in detail what issue are you facing with SATC?