All sites uncategorized

Hi all,

starting from this morning all web sites appear uncategorized.

The problem seems generalized on all countries (EU).

Someone with the same problem?



  • In reply to Gyorgy Takacs:

    Some have drifted back to working, whilst others have started playing up. Not heard a peep out of anyone which is unfortunate.

  • We have got this problem again. Sophos really do need to sort this out.

    Can't keep having this problem.

  • Same issue.  I am trying to get HTTPS scanning up and running and I thought I was going mad.  How can not be catergorized!!!!  Seems like perhaps you need to consider some redundancy on the server providing this information as its obviously not reliable as it is. This is surely a fairly critical part of the whole web protection service.

  • In reply to Kevin Murphy2:

    Sophos finally acknowledged there was a problem late yesterday, but didn't supply a ETA for the fix or why this is happening again. I can only hope it's been sorted overnight, but I'm not hopeful that this is the case ....

  • Seems to be working again let's hope it continues.

  • In reply to carbon15:

    What happens if you do the following as root at the command line?

    /var/mdw/scripts/ctasd_inbound stop
    /var/mdw/scripts/ctasd_outbound stop
    mv /var/cache/ctasd /var/cache/ctasd.old
    /var/mdw/scripts/ctasd_inbound start
    /var/mdw/scripts/ctasd_outbound start

    Cheers - Bob

  • In reply to BAlfson:

    It doesnt solve the problem on our SG450