Executive reports


We just have move to Office365 and the on-prem exchange server is going to be removed. We want the Executive reports to be send to the office365 mailbox instead of the on-prem mailbox.

Any idea how can we do this? should we change the SMTP host to point it to the office365?



  • I bet you will want to disable the SMTP Proxy.  Your MX record in public DNS will see that the emails are sent to the mailbox on Office365.

    Cheers - Bob

  • In reply to BAlfson:

    Hi BAlfson,

    I thought so too, I will disable the SMTP , we are not using the on-prem exchange anymore, so the emails must be send to the O365.

    just to be sure, we should disable SMTP proxy in globle tab right? coz the profile mode is not configurd and we  use the simple mode