UTM Download broken?

Hi Guys,


I have been trying to get a copy of the UTM free image for the last week so I can familiarize myself with the control software and access points.


Everytime I fill out the export form I get an error saying that the application needs to be reviewed and that someone will get back to me, needless to say no-one has.


What can I do to get hold of the iso?





  • Hi  

    In some of the countries, there are issues concerned with Software export compliances. I'd recommend creating a case with Sophos Customer care for this if you're not able to get a download link.

  • Hi Cheyne - welcome to the UTM Community!

    As a mod, I can see that you're posting from an IP in Australia that isn't listed as an anonymous proxy, so you should be able to get the download.  Any better luck with UTM Support Downloads?  If you're not installing this on a Sophos appliance, be sure to choose the software version.

    Cheers - Bob

  • In reply to BAlfson:

    Hi Bob,

    I got this to work just now using  your link but it only worked on my phone. I have 2 static connections, office and home, and couldn't get it to work at either site.

    Not sure how this will help anyone else who is having the issue but maybe try to download on a device on a dynamic IP address.

    Thanks for the help.