Unable to encrypt the file

Hi TEam,

We have created the local encryption policy on SGN8.1 and now able to sync and encrypt the data.


But when we check the encryption status,it says no files are encrypted


Please find the below snap FYR and suggest the same.



  • HI ,

    I have share the appplied policy snap,please do let me know if anything wrong done from myend.

  • In reply to paresh palav:


    The policy assigned to the drives is of volume-based encryption not the file-based encryption. The window where you are looking for the encryption state is for file-based encryption. Result of above windows is correct as per the policy applied to drives and computer.

    Your drives are encrypted through Volume-based Encryption not through File-based Encryption. Please refer this article to know the status of Encryption.

  • In reply to Jasmin:

    Jasmin is spot on here, you're confusing volume encryption (the whole drive) with file encryption (individual files- documents/pictures etc...)

    BitLocker is volume based - as in the whole drive is encrypted and if you were to remove the drive and attempt to access it - it'd be encrypted and couldn't be read.

    File-based are the individual files - Could be that you decide ALL Excel documents should be encrypted and only the specified users can decrypt/read the files.