Allow users to install apps iO/S themselves

Current situation using VPP and DEP.

We deploy apps using Sophos MDM all good.

But, when a user goes to the app store they can find the app but the apps "Get" button is greyed out, so they cant install an app themselves.

What change do I need to make so that users can install apps themselves?

  • Hi  

    Can you make sure that the iOS device profile restrictions have "Allow app installations" checked? I am attaching a screenshot for your reference. 

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Those tick boxes are/were already checked (so that configuration is already in place).


    Users still cant install apps themselves, the "get" button is greyed out - not selectable.

    This is a big issue for us as we need to install apps centrally and so do users.

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    Since you are using Apple VPP, the users can only install applications which are approved in VPP.