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I recently made Sophos my default browser but when I open Chrome it's still showing my previous default browser. Can anyone tell me why it's not showing or loading? Thank you in advance for your help and support.

  • Hi  

    Please confirm the Sophos product you are using on your machine.

    Could you please provide answers to below-mentioned questions:

    1. Name of the last default browser.

    2. How chrome gets opened? Through someone provided a link for any website?

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    1)-My default browser was duckduckgo (default

    and current search engine is duckduckgo).

    2)- Chrome is opened with my home page; .

    My reason for asking this question is in the Sophos Settings (web filtering) Sophos Mobile security is listed in the Browsers so I selected it as my default but Chrome settings still show duckduckgo as being default, so it's what I'm not understanding clearly. Thank you

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    Sorry, but I am getting confused here. Sophos provides a browser which comes with Sophos Secure Workspace.

    I am assuming here that when you say chrome has different settings, it means Google chrome browser has duckduckgo as a default Search engine which is obvious as Sophos can't be set as a search engine for Google chrome.

    In Sophos Mobile Security, protected browsers are mentioned under the Web filtering settings which shows that below-mentioned browsers are protected through the web filtering.

    Please let me know where I am incorrect in my understanding and if possible also provide the screenshot of your web filtering settings.

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    Sophos Intercept X for Mobile in the default application can be selected but it is useful when you have link checker setup in the Sophos Intercept X for mobile. Sophos Intercept X for Mobile is actually not a browser but when you have any link in the SMS or any photos, etc, these will go through the Intercept X for Mobile for malware check. 

    Duckduckgo is an engine which will be in place with Google browser when you'll open it. It is normal behaviour even if Intercept X for mobile is set to the default browser.