Restrict website or monitor browsing history in mobile phone possible?

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1. Is this possibke in Sophos mobile control? 

2. Any other sophos product that does that in cellphones?

3. Any third party softare that can be used with SMC?

  • We are currently working on a next releaseof Sophos Mobile Security, version 2.0. If it gets managed by SMC (which is an add-on option to SMC), it will also deliver web filtering on Android.

    In case the user browses to a website with malware of phishing, he/she will get notified about this and redirected to another page. There will be also an option to kill the browser in such cases for maximum security

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  • I need a reverse order to any third party software update available in )SMC. ( S9-G960W Galaxy Tab in app purchases are not limited by link Gaurd in chatroom mode for a extensive search engine which can be done with SMS link between paired with chrome synced to Sophos Security extensions to dating sites notifications ?
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    It'll be more helpful if you can explain the issue more in-depth? Please also that what do you want to achieve and what exactly the issue you are facing while doing that.

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    Jasmine was this analysis on SM S correctly contained a link Gaurd ? If the seeker has allotted to an online alert seek to be advised to be outside Apps that have purchase protection for the mailbox in my case "Moderate to a Dating sites " OR conclusive statements to my financial -- contributed -- assisted by 3rd party app -- SMC "Contain" feedback on - short - message- service- subject - sentence - ascribed to__C _ SMC __link checker , sophos X Interceptor paired with browser Default settings to the public domain Sup.administraitor has been a security issue and change is getting some solid results in my Data provider ? I hope that this will be sufficient to set up .... back story Jasmine *I had a good result* public service is the article C for? Jasmine elaborate on SMC for me ?
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    Thank you for your reply.

    Would you please suggest whether you are using Sophos Central Mobile or Sophos Mobile product and also please suggest if you are referring to any particular article?