[Sophos Notification]: Patch for Sophos Mobile 9.0.2 and 8.6 server to support the upcoming iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 release

Hi Everyone,

We have released a patch for Sophos Mobile 9.0.2 and 8.6 servers which will enable it to support the upcoming iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 release. For more information, please follow below links. 

  • hi what affects is it if we dont upgarde straight away? makes it sound as if something bad will happen if a device updates before the server is patched

  • Apple will soon release version 13 of iOS and iPadOS. Due to changes in the operating system, you must upgrade your Sophos Mobile server. It is important that you upgrade to the latest version of Sophos Mobile before upgrading devices to iOS 13


    why is it important? will the device no longer sync, what affects does it have on the device if the servers doesnt get upgarded, im not sure i can get this through our change control so quickly

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    The devices which are running on iOS 12 and already enrolled will face synchronization issues while it gets updated to iOS 13. The devices which are directly enrolled as iOS 13 will be working fine. 

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    thanks for the info.

  • We have applied the patch, but control panel still shows version 9.0.2. Is that expected?

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    If the patch has been applied successfully, you can view that under server log files( %MDM_HOME%\wildfly\standalone\log) which will show you version 9.0.6.  

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    hi if a device upgrades to ios 13 on and the patch is not applied to the server you mention there will be sync issues, if the server is then upgraded after will it still face the same sync issues or will they then go away and the device syncs fine after the server upgrade?


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    Honestly, I have not tried that (Since iOS 13 was still in beta) and cannot guarantee that it will resolve the syncing issue. If you face syncing issues when you install the patch to the SMC server where the iOS 13 devices are already enrolled, then you will need to reconfigure or re-enroll the devices.

    Having said that, the standard way to get things going is to install the patch and then start enrolling the iOS 13 devices/upgrading devices to iOS 13.  

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    thanks, i bit the bullet this morning and installed the patch without RFC approval from the change board so hope it doesn't break anything ha ha Surprise

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    HI, we came into work today to find when we attempted to login SMC admin portal that the page displayed Service starting, this has never happened before, it was stuck on that page for quite some time, upon checking the server.log file i have seen service errors from 6+ hours ago so was starting for quiet some time. i have logged a job with support with ref #9232498. i have restarted the server and the system did appear to start as expected, would it be possible if support could look into this asap as we rely on SMC so send authentications back to Cisco ISE for our wifi enabled devises.

    many thanks

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    I have notified the team regarding this case. Smile

  • I applied the patch for Sophos Mobile some days ago - directly after the release.

    Now with the first iPhones updated to iOS 13 we receive the following error in Sophos Mobile app:


    Synchronisierung fehlgeschlagen

    Die Synchronisierung des Sophos Mobile Control Clients ist fehlgeschlagen. Kommunikationsfehler 2033. Schließen Sie die App (wischen Sie si im Task-Switcher nach oben) und starten Sie sie erneut. Oder wenden Sie sich an Ihren Administrator.


    Anyway, the sync of emails in the background is working, but this error message is annoying.

    Devices with older iOS are still fine.


    Do you have any idea for this??


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    Exactly the same as ours!

    I applied the patch for Sophos Mobile directly after the release. Now with the first iPhones updated to iOS 13 we receive the same error message (2033).

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    As per the error you are seeing, would you please check this article and see if it helps you to fix the same. If you are still seeing the error after following the steps, please let us know so that I can discuss the same with our concerned team. 

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    I already know the article and have completed the steps. The (self-signed) certificate is valid until 2027.

    My iPhone was already registered. I can not sync it now with iOS 13.