Intercept X for Mac OS X?

Are there plans for an Intercept X on Mac OS X? And so yes when its coming?

  • Hi EricKant , 

    We don't have an ETA at the moment. But is considered for Future release. 

    You should expect in mid-year of 2017

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    Aditya Patel |  Network and Security engineer.

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     any new ETA?

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    Any news on this @Aditya Patel?


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    Is there any progress on this?

    I know there is an installer for the anti-virus, sophos endpoint protection, for macOS, and I see that the windows installer has options to download either with or without the interceptX portion.

    Will it be the same way with the macOS installer(s) when it (Intercept-X) is ready for macOS?


    An update on this would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    Hello Team, 

    My current vision about Intercept-X on Mac is integration of CryptoGuard feature.

    For customers who using Sophos Central, Early Access Programs is already available:

    CryptoGuard for Mac Computers
    Dec 2, 2016 - Aug 30, 2017

    CryptoGuard provides next-gen protection for your documents, photos and other data from crypto-ransomware, a family of malware that encrypts files from your computer then extorts money to unlock them. CryptoGuard automatically reverts any damage and blocks the malware from causing further harm.

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    Thank you - when will this be a production project that we can roll out to end users (as a partner)?

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    Hello uk4567, 

    For now, I'm talking about Cryptoguard for Mac (part of Intercept-X), not the fully package (RCA + Anti eXploit + CryptoGuard)

    I do not have precise information to communicate, however, the early access program terminating at the end of August (Aug 30, 2017), I would assume that the client release could appear in Q3 2017.

    Of course, it's my point of view, not an official release date provided by Sophos.

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    Understood, thank you. Please could I ask that you reply here when it is fully released so everyone is aware on this thread?

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    Hello uk4567, 

    If I have more information about Intercept X for Mac OS X, I will update this thread.

    Have a nice day:)