bug or normal function from interface ?

I installed Endpoint on my Mac to test and I did some virus testing. The files are deleted, but it is impossible to remove the Threat message.

Is that normal?

  • Hi Spyros,


    If you are still facing this issue even after a couple of restarting and new scans, you can proceed with clicking "Reset Summary" at the bottom of the screen then restart the computer, force another update and initiate another "Scan now" to see if that issue is resolved or not.

  • In reply to SAJ:

    Thank you, I have already selected Reset Summary, but nothing changes. In fact, I would like to avoid having to do a full scan on the workstations of the employees every time a virus is detected and deleted. Simply, most antivirus software updates the status automatically.

  • In reply to Spyros Manos:

    Hi Spyros,

    Yes, it does clear the threat automatically, and this is not normal. That is why I asked to do a scan manually so that we can confirm there is no threat on the device.

    We have some workaround in this case, I would recommend to contact support via phone or open a new case to assist you further.