Possible Memory Problem after Windows 10 1903 Update



Currently have Sophos Central with Sophos Endpoint running on several machines here, i was the first to update to the latest Windows 10 1903 Update and noticed after the machine sitting idle for a while that the above service is consuming a lot of RAM.


Any solutions to this?

  • Also getting the same problem opened a case with Sophos but nothing back yet, pointless ringing support number as you wait for an eternity.

    The memory creep starts off slow with the reboot at 100mb~ but as it memory increases it leaks faster. This PC was reboot yesterday, all looked fine around 8:00am the process was consuming around 180mb, by 10:18om it was upto 2.7+ GB Sad


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    I see Visual Studio in your task list, Norm.  My clients are all developers too, as is one of the first people to report this problem.


    We don't have any real link between any dev activity and generating these symptoms but it is something to look at.  Just cloning / building a project isn't enough on its own though.




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    Just rebooted and it's a;ready on the creep from 98mb to 101mb, I haven't started Visual Studio yet, interestingly when I browse that seems to affect memory consumption.

    Yes, browsing does affect it. Watched it creep as I open more and more tabs and viewed videos and news etc.


    Go from 101mb-102mb it snowballs as the leak gets bigger it leaks quicker.


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    Interesting.  Which browser? 


    I have a test machine set up with Chrome using a plugin to do random browsing of news sites and this has not triggered the problem.

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    I'm upto 120mb could it be opening files?

    Been searching for a string in a large directory with around 500+ files, that caused it jump quickly.



    Cleaned a Small Visual Studio and rebuilt and run, creeps up quickly.

    EDIT 2:

    Open a solution containing about 20 projects and performed a build and to crept up quick.

    So it's definitely file I/O.




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    Thanks, I'll take a look.

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    I have visual studio installed as well - however its not been used since the start of this problem...



    However, further up when I mentioned about proc dump and it writing 20+gb to file caused a HUGE spike in memory consumption, so i think i can also almost definitely say its IO related.


    The developers believe to have found a UTF-16 path leak!


    I've to send a ETL trace to 100% confirm this, but it looks like a fix is on the horizon!

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    Excellent BeerYes

    See how quickly a fixes comes out.


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    > Do you see the problem if you disable "Enable Threat Case creation"?

    Possibly not.


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    Anymore news on the fix, left my PC on over the weekend and came in this morning and the EndPopint Defense Software was up to 32Gb usage Sad

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    Have you tried disabling "Threat case creation"?  

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    If I disable this, then I'm losing functionality that the AV provides?

  • Just updated to 1903 last week and am experiencing the same issues.  Also just opened a support ticket with Sophos.  We'll see what they say.