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Possible Memory Problem after Windows 10 1903 Update



Currently have Sophos Central with Sophos Endpoint running on several machines here, i was the first to update to the latest Windows 10 1903 Update and noticed after the machine sitting idle for a while that the above service is consuming a lot of RAM.


Any solutions to this?

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  • Hi Everyone,

    We're deeply apologetic for the inconvenience caused. I wanted to share with you that Development is actively working to determine the root-cause of the said issue. As soon as there's a Knowledgebase article published [if and when] it will be shared with the Community. 

    We encourage the few affected customers to raise a Support Ticket with us wherein we'll be happy to bring in logging which may help us during the ongoing investigation.

    Thank you,


  • We have 4 - 5 desktops with Win 10 1903 experiencing this issue. Raised ticket with Sophos and provided logs. Awaiting update.

    Meanwhile users rebooting their desktops everyday morning. This does not look good.