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X.509 Certificate Subject CN Is Not Valid

      We did a security scanning and found a CN mismatch in the certificate. what is this Router$PAPP01:1071361 in the CN? Shouldnt the CN be the machine name PAPP01? How to resolve this?

Thank you. (PAPP01) * Subject CN Router$PAPP01:1071361 does not match target name specified in the site.

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  • Hi ,

    Can you please provide more information regarding the issue you're facing with Sophos Enterprise Console? It would be great if you can provide us a few screenshots so that we can assist you better. 


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  • Hello Andy Ho Boon Hua,

    Shouldn't the CN be the machine name PAPP01?
    who says so? Your scanner incorrectly assumes that the end-entity is "the computer" and the CN has the be the computer's (NetBIOS) name. Use of TLS is not restricted to browser⇔webserver communications and the "web" (HTTP/S) semantics ("site") do not apply. Router$PAPP01:1071361 is the end-entity that has been certified by SEC's Certification Manager and this CN doesn't change when the computer is renamed.