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Deadlock Detected Scanning


I have seen recently been seeing errors on the Endpoint Console with an error code a049001e saying 'Deadlock detected while asynchronously scanning file " " for user " "'. The error in question has occurred for about 60 computers.

I can't see anything online with regards to this error with a fix or how to troubleshoot this and was wondering if this is a new error that has occurred, after the result of an update. Or has this been an error that has occurred in the past please. Any help or advice on this would be appreciated please?

Kind Regards,

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  • We are also experiencing a049001e Deadlock detected while asynchronously scanning file "C:\Users\...\ntuser.ini" on Citrix servers.  We are going to add a file scanning exclusion for ntuser.ini for the interim until Sophos addresses the problem that occurred after their software update.  

  • Hi richbsec,

    Unfortunately this didn't work for us in the end, we had to apply the suggested reg key to disable asynchronous scanning. After applying the exclusion, look out for Sophos not being able to update, or apply the policy in time for session use. On the Sophos Console I saw "Awaiting Policy Transfer" errors across all Virtual Desktop servers, it was taking over 3 hours for the policy to apply and even then would still pick out random files to deadlock, some dlls for an application, Adobe Reader.exe. Really random experience!

    I hope the exclusion works for you, but if not the Sophos suggested reg key workaround has definitely resolved our issues. The reg key suggestion is higher up in this thread. 


  • Thanks Mel.  I read that solution as that it came from Citrix NOT Sophos and it it is turning off functionality of Sophos that it is a workaround until Sophos can fix what is causing the issue.  

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