No Sophos Security products installed - Windows 11


I am trying to install Sophos Endpoint Client on a VM running Windows 11 (22H2 - 22621.525).
I want to create a gold image.
The installation completes without errors. After that the status says "No Sophos security products installed".
See screenshots. Only the core agent is installed. Sophos Intercept X is missing.

See screenshots and logs.

What is going wrong here?

Greetings Int3g3r


  • Thank you for reaching the community forum,

    Does this VM has an existing Sophos endpoint before but got uninstalled? If so? You may need to uninstall this Endpoint first by running the Sophos ZAP tool?

    You can also follow the below steps to force update the endpoint and install the remaining components.

    1. Turn off tamper protection on the affected endpoint.
    2. Log in to the endpoint using an admin account.
    3. In Services, stop Sophos AutoUpdate Service.
    4. Rename the following folders:

    5. Delete the file SophosUpdateStatus.xml from the below folder:
    6. Start Sophos AutoUpdate Service.
    7. Open Sophos Endpoint Agent.
    8. Go to About and click Update Now.
    9. Click Open Endpoint Self Help Tool.
    10. Click Refresh and check the status of the affected component on the Installed Components page.
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  • This is a new created VM. I installed Windows 11 today.
    So there is no old Sophos installation.

    I'm gonna try the solution below.

    C:\ProgramData\Sophos\AutoUpdate\data\warehouse, doesn't exist. So i can't rename it.

    Problem persists.
    "No Sophos security products installed" on main page.

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