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Multiple computers getting netio.sys BSOD after 2022.2.1.9 update

We're having an outbreak of DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL BSOD's in driver NETIO.SYS. Netio.sys caused BSOD's are usually tied to network drivers but that doesn't make sense because this started happening all of a sudden on multiple computers. These are fully patched/updated Windows 10 Pro computers. The common thing we're seeing is Sophos was updated to version 2022.2.1.9 around 7/20/22 on all of them. Any insight from Sophos on if the blue screen of death crashes are being caused by the latest version of Sophos? 

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  • Hello, we have here the same problem, clients (HD, DELL) with 2022.2.1.9 crahes 1-4 times per day with a BSOD, NETIO.SYS+d460...
    a update of all network Driver help on some clients, the update of Cisco AnyConnect Client to the last version make no different.
    we reinstall also Sophos but this help also nothing on the next day BSOD again. ....
    any help please?

  • Until Sohpos releases a fix you'll need to disable all three settings under ‘Real-time Scanning – Internet’ and you'll also need to disable ‘Web Control’. Are you streaming anything in your browser when it crashes? In our case we're straming audio on our RingCentral phone service through the browser. You might want to open up a ticket with Sohpos and provide logs. You'll want to enable complete memory dumps ( and then once you get a memory.dmp file they'll want Sophos SDU logs from the same computer. You might need to ask to get it escalted early on, I had to do the song and dance for a few days until here helped to get the ticket in the hands of someone that was actually able to help. 

  • thanks
    we have the problem on around 150/500 WIndows 10 clients, when the information from the user are correct so no streams, the last user have only firefox, teams and outlook in use and have 3 BSOD in the last 2 Workdays, i think there must be also hardware/driver component in this issue. 

  • do you have device or file encryption installed? Sophos Safeguard...?

    our device have been pushed 2022.1.1.11. I wonder why you have such a new version - the 2022.1 is still quite new.

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