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Issue with Creative Cloud apps unable to overwrite files on the server.


We have an issue where users are unable to overwrite Creative Cloud files on network shares.

For instance if the user opens a Photoshop psd, makes a change and saves the file they get the error "could not save XXXXX.psd because write access was not granted." and temporary file is generated.

For us this is happening across multiple sites and Macs using different operating systems.

As a test we installed Creative Cloud on a brand new Mac but didn't install Sophos, we then opened a psd on a network share, changed it and overwrote it in excess of 20 times with no errors at all. We then opened the same file on a Mac that had Sophos installed and we received the error after every attempted save. 

I believe that other Sophos users are experiencing this issue and one Reference ID that I have found is MACEP-6176

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