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[Linux] Product ServerProtectionLinux-Plugin-AV failed to install

I installed the on an Linux server (openSUSE Leap 42.1 (x86_64))

This software is governed by the terms and conditions of a licence agreement with Sophos Limited
Installation process for Sophos Linux Protection started
Attempting to connect to Sophos Central
Successfully verified connection to Sophos Central
Downloading base installer (this may take some time)
Finished downloading base installer
Running base installer
Product will be installed to: /opt/sophos-spl
Installation complete, performing post install steps
Registering with Sophos Central
Now managed by Sophos Central

But in the Sophos Central i got this messge: Installation von Sophos Linux AntiVirus fehlgeschlagen: Product ServerProtectionLinux-Plugin-AV failed to install.

In the log i found only this

   "rigidName": "ServerProtectionLinux-Plugin-AV",
   "productName": "Sophos Linux AntiVirus",
   "installedVersion": "",
   "downloadVersion": "",
   "errorDescription": "Product ServerProtectionLinux-Plugin-AV failed to install",
   "productStatus": "INSTALLFAILED" 

but where can I search for the reason of the failed installation?


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