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ETA on Fix for Issues Caused by KB4499164 & KB4499165

It appears that once again there are conflicts with Sophos and the most recent (MAY) patch Tuesday from Microsoft.

"Its advice on what to do is pretty blunt: uninstall the Windows update. Specifically, revert KB4499164 (May's full-fat Patch Tuesday) and KB4499165, the security-only update. As regular readers know, the latest Patch Tuesday is intended to mitigate a pretty nasty vuln (CVE-2019-0708) which permits unauthenticated remote code execution through the medium of Remote Desktop Services. Sophos itself opined that it was "so serious that Microsoft has even released patches for its long-unsupported operating systems, Windows 2003 and XP"."


This is critical. Please provide an ETA on resolution and rollout.

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