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Where to Download Sophos Anti Virus (SAV) Home Edition 9.7.15 or newer Reffered to as "Classic" (now that there also is a "Cloud" Edition)

Since the link provided in an earlier post does not gets updated for newer versionns i like a new link to the latest version. Preferably a link that always downloads the latest version & does not stick with the version linked.

The downloaded zip does not contain a version number so it's weird that it does not stick with latest, the link probably sticks to the at that moment current version which is sad behaviour.

Thank you for providing a new link.

Please revive this version as i don't like the cloud version, i hope i am not alone & you find it worth full to revive this Application.

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  • Hi  

    Unfortunately, the latest Sophos Anti-Virus home version is cloud-based. You can find the latest version of Sophos home Anti-Virus here.


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  • Yes well, I needed to copy 3.5 million small text files from a USB drive to my MacBook, and of course Sophos Cloud feels the need to scan all these files for potential threats (which I know there are none) -- so I wanted to disable Sophos temporarily -- turn off on-access scanning. --but I didn't have an internet connection at that I'm trying to figure out which processes to KILL -- but there are like a half a dozen background tasks running related to Sophos. Just because Cloud sounds really cool don't mean that every piece of software should be cloud based.  Anyway...maybe others disagree. Maybe it's easier/cheaper to maintain.

    That said... 1). I trust Sophos as a company.  2) I will not PAY to upgrade this home cloud version. 3) I actually am willing to pay a reasonable price for good antivirus/anti malware software. 

    So...I have money to spend...but I won't spend it on this cloud version. If Sophos wanted me to pay for this basic cloud version, I would honestly look elsewhere. 


  • Ok, well.  my dislike of the Cloud Based design of Sophos seems to be entirely personal preference. This incident prompted me to look at the current state of anti-virus/malware software available for the Mac.  The Sophos solution looks to be one of the best...if not the very best solution available for Mac users. I have used others in the past, both paid and free solutions. The one thing I really do like about this new home version..there is no mistaking whether or not the software is actively protecting your system. It's spelled out in giant letters in a big green box available from the menu bar.  I still wish I didn't have to use a browser to configure my software.   I want it in System Preferences where God intended it to be ;-).   -- but I suppose I'll have to tolerate this new "Cloud" design.  I might even concede to upgrading it for the additional features.  

  • I'm sorry to see you spitting in your own face, only 30 minutes after complaining.


    I still disagree, the cloud version is defenetly nothing i want to spend money on, or even install the Free version.

    I'll stay with the classic version for how long it will last, i think updating to Catelina will kill it, so you are in luck i can't do that yet as i still use some 32 bit software that isn't/won't be updated.

    But unfortunately for Sophos, when i need to change it won't be to their Cloud version. On the other system that runs catalina i already use the Appstore provided free version of Intego Virusbarrier, not the greatest solution but it will do.

    To bad ClamXAV stopped being a free product , but i might be considering buying just that after all.