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Virtual Appliance stuck on loading screen

Hi, I'm trying to stand-up a Virtual SEA in an IONOS Data Centre and I'm having trouble, when the server boots it gets stuck at the screen 'The system is initializing...'. I'm wondering if there is a problem in the way I've loaded the disks? I've downloaded the 2 VMDK images, uploaded to IONOS, created a server with 2 CPU, 4GB RAM, configured two disks - the first with the base images, set to Boot, and the second to the opt image.

When the server starts I get FreeBSD messages, including:

BIOS drive C: is disk0

BIOS drive DL is disk1

etc... then if goes to the white 'initializing..' screen, but gets no further.

I've successfully loaded the images into VM Workstation, albeit then I was able to point at the OVF file, whereas in the cloud data centre I've just have to manual load the two disk images.

Does anyone have any ideas? Screenshot below:



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