Do the community pages push you to impervadns?

I'm noticing that only Sophos community pages seem to have a problem where queries get pushed to Of course, I'm trying to not have lots of DNS queries going to random DNS servers, so I block it. (Sophos has its own product for DNS protection, and this is not it.)

This happens with Firefox and once the switch happens, every attempt to refresh a community page tries to hit imprevadns. I have to quit Firefox and relaunch it for things to work normally. So maybe it's a Firefox thing, but no Firefox preferences seem to push DNS in this manner, and it only happens with Sophos Community pages.


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  • I appreciate your efforts to keep the forums clean. I'd suggest that you modify Sophos's DNS Protection to include whatever features you find useful in Imperva, and then switch to Sophos DNS Protection.

    I currently use Sophos DNS Protection and block all other DNS. All machines are pointed to Sophos's DNS resolvers when they DHCP, so the only reason another DNS resolver would be used is an individual application deciding it doesn't want to cooperate, so I block other DNS resolvers. Which makes these forums unusable for me. I have temporarily made an exception so I can post this reply, but that's not a long-term solution.

    Even at the most granular level -- using firewall rules and endpoints -- I have to allow all websites to use Imperva if I want to use your code in your forums. Please consider using your own product.

  • Sophos DNS protection is aimed at providing secure DNS resolution for your Endpoints and Servers. This behaves similarly to a Web Filter, which allows/blocks websites based on whether the site is safe and whether the policy you've configured allows you to browse those categorized sites. 
    eg: Productivity Sites, Hacking Tools, Social Media, etc.

    A Web Application Filter differs from this in that it is meant to analyze HTTP traffic between a web application and the internet to understand whether the traffic is coming from a legitimate source or if the traffic may try to hinder the website/web application. 

    I will follow up with you via PM to provide some additional context. 

    Kushal Lakhan
    Team Lead, Global Community Support
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