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Sophos URL Sample Submission - still a black hole without communication

Hey Sophos Team,

2 Years ago I already asked you to review your URL Sample / Recategorization workflow.

I even wrote this on 19.11.2021 directly to the Sophos Customer Advocate responsible for Germany Region.

URL Sample Form:

Nothing has changed since - if you submit a URL to change the category or to mark it as malware, you guys still not notify me about changes you eventually make to the URL category. Not only that this process usually takes days or weeks (!!) to complete, this is still a complete black box.

Even if you login the support portal with your company account. In the sample form you already know who I am, and write company name, name, mail address, and additionally ask for SN of the firewall. But you do noting useful with that information. Just collecting.

All of your competitors can do that better and I kindly ask to change that process on your support web portal and finally start

1) notify customer about URL sample submit input

2) notify customer about the further progress and changes done or not done to the URL category

It's really bad to file a classic support case for such a simple job because that is currently the only way to get me updated.

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