Allow Access to internal through Sophos XG

Hi everyone,

Below is a rough sketch on my network. VLANs have been set on and by the ISP on their side. VLAN1 is for data. Which means PCs on the left should communicate with those on the right and vice.

From the right I can only ping upto the Sophos which is static routes). Beyond that, I cannot ping. I hope to get the left side to get DHCP ip addresses from the left side. 

Please help. 

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  • Hello Jonathan,

    Thank you for the following up!

    Most likely you need, from which zone the traffic from the Cisco device is coming into your network? You would need to create WAN to LAN or LAN to LAN or DMZ to LAN, depending on the zone of the traffic coming from the Cisco.

    You could do a packet capture on the XG to find the reason why the Ping is not arriving to by following this KB

    As per the DHCP not working, are you even seeing the requests coming to the XG? If you do a tpcdump or packet capture in the XG on Port 67 & 68 do you see this requests arriving?


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