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SFM - Push template to XG broken?



I use the template function to deploy new firewalls for my custommers with a default configuration I created as a template since many years now...

But I'm trying to deploy a new firewall today and I'm trying to push my template and it does not push the whole configuration to it. It pushes randomly just a few objects (between 0 and 50), and it says in the Management System Events that it's successful, with the number written in green, but it's not successful because it should push ~570 objects and not 50 or less...


I don't know if the problem is due to the 17.1.2 MR-2 firmware of SFM, but the last firewall sucessfully deployed before this ont which is not working, was when my SFM was still in 17.1.1 MR-1 firmware version.


The firewall which has to be deployed with the template is an XG115W 17.5.10 MR-10 (tried with the 17.5.3 MR-3 firmware which was installed by default and the result is the same).


Any ideas ?





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  • Hello,


    No, the 1st October, they said that in the last case update 3 days ago.

    The case hase been opened the 11 March, the issue is still there, and the next update from the development team is for the 1st October.


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  • Hi folks,

    maybe we can ask for an update from H_Patel , 4 months wait with a support case issued is a bit long enemy opinion


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