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Sophos XG Virtual Appliance - SNMP Issues - Cannot get Graphics with Zabbix

Hello everyone,

I need your help with some issues about Sophos Virtual Appliance - SNMP Monitoring, I've been trying to obtain bandwidth information but it not works, from a zabbix server i've been doing some SNMP query with snmpwalk to the destination IP but the firewall shows me an incomplete MIB.

This is the output of snmpwalk command from zabbix server:


When i trying against the Physical firewall it show me the next output with more information and it can monitored with zabbix with the same templates and configurations.


When i look the configurations of zabbix is all correct. Firewall rules are OK because is the same rule applied to a other monitoring servers, Device access from the source zone is marked with SNMP.


Best Regards!




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